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The history of Cartier with reference from their website 

PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER A truly wild animal, the panther is more than a mere symbol for Cartier. It is a timeless icon that is both predatory and elegant; restrained yet always ready to pounce. Roaming freely with emerald eyes, onyx muzzle and a diamond-set coat, the creations of the Panther Collection make their mark on the world of jewellery. The panther has been a part of Cartier’s legacy for quite sometime. The following  rings are even more collectible because not only do they depict the panther, but they are all vintage. In fact, the panther never made its debut until around 1948, when the Duke of Windsor commissioned a brooch to be made featuring a three-dimensional panther and a rather large cabochon emerald. Panther print was evident in Cartier pieces prior to that particular piece, but it was mainly flecks of black and white on watches–like leopard spots. Since making its three dimensional debut, panthers have become Cartier’s favourite motif. Throughout the years, the panther has evolved and been designed by several artisans. Many of whom would spend hours upon hours at zoos, studying the ferociously elegant feline. photo2-1photo1-4-300x300 photo3-2-300x300 photo4-1-300x300


This collection is a universal symbol of LOVE and commitment. Since its creation in 1970’s New York, a host of iconic couples have chosen to seal their love with Cartier. Artfully engraved with the screw motif, it opens and fastens with a golden screwdriver. An undeniably elegant unisex piece, the bracelet which forms the basis of this signature Cartier collection affectionately clings to the wrist, in a pledge of undying Love. Bracelet, ring or necklace: how far would you go for LOVE?


Three bands. Three colours. Pink gold, yellow gold and white gold, intertwined in a display of mystery and harmony. The visionary mind of Louis Cartier created the Trinity ring in 1924. Jean Cocteau promptly made the piece his own. Encircled in the glow of the literary world inhabited by the poet, the ring quickly earned iconic status. Three types of gold. Three symbolic colours: pink for love, yellow for fidelity and white for friendship. Trinity, a timeless design now available in a collection devoted to life’s most memorable loves. Trinity, all about you forever.

CARTIER Juste un Clou

Designed during the 1970s in the creative frenzy of New York, Juste un Clou is a creation that flouts convention, an unhindered transformation with remarkable strength. This collection traces the outlines of a style that is both modern and daring.


A signature C bestows pure elegance. A discreet initial of such unique purity.


The “Diamants Légers” collection defines elegance through exceptional diamonds selected by expert jewellers and set on light gold chains.


Louis Cartier created the Tank watch in 1917 and a legend was born. Its joints built into the case, it is both square and rectangular; modern yet timeless. A stroke of stylistic genius and quite unique, the iconic Tank watch has inspired countless variations, yet managed to preserve its distinctive identity throughout the decades. Discover the legend here of Cartier tank Jewellery.


This collection is named after the panther, Cartier’s iconic mascot. The creature inspires this glittering chain of flat flexible links that forms sensuous jewellery pieces displaying exquisite feline grace.


The “Lanières” collection is a series of perfect squares shimmering with light, available in a choice of yellow, white or pink gold. Coloured gemstones and diamonds introduce light to reveal pieces that radiate elegance.


Cartier has borrowed the central motif of this jewellery collection from the world of Haute Couture. Inspired by the clasps of the corsets that defined the Parisian silhouette, “Agrafe” exudes elegance and refinement.

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