Celebrities LOVE their Cartier LOVE Bangles!

Celebrities LOVE their Cartier LOVE Bangles!

Everything changes in the celebrity world…men, rings, clothes. But one thing seems constant – their Love bracelets!

The unique bracelet was first invented by Cartier in 1969 and features an original closure – the wearer must screw the bracelet closed with a special device that comes with the piece The Love bracelet can only be opened using a special screwdriver, which is kept by the person who gave it to you on his/her neck (the screwdriver comes with the bracelet and you have the option to turn it into a necklace). If you accept a Love bracelet, you are “locked” to the person who gave it to you and only they hold the key.

Cartier Love Bangle

According to Cartier, the Love bracelet is “a universal symbol of love and commitment” and “serves to sanctify inseparable love.” Couples have used it as a wedding bracelet over the years and have made it a symbol of their commitment to each other and to their relationship. Why settle for just wedding bands when you can have wedding bracelets too?!!

Cartier are known for producing some of the world’s most luxurious jewels, so when it comes to dropping cash on some fancy arm bling, these celebrities have all chosen a timeless Cartier ‘Love’ bracelet. Ranging up to £8,000 and over depending on the metal and diamond content, the following celebrities show off their LOVE-ly golden arms indegenerique.be. These celebrities all love their love bracelets and although it may cost lots of cash at least it isn’t a tacky style that goes out of fashion because stars have been wearing them for years. Take a look at who has got one below!

Tina Turner loves the Love Bangle Sarah-Jesscia-Parker-Loves the Love Bangle kourtney-kardashian-Loves the Love Bangle kate-winslet-Loves the Love Bangle Kanye_West_Loves the Cartier_Love_Bangle Justin Bieber Loves the Love Bangle hilary-duff-loves the Love Bangle "Rock Of Ages" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals Mila-Kunis- Loves  Cartier Love Bangle

2 thoughts on “Celebrities LOVE their Cartier LOVE Bangles!

  1. Love bangles are timeless and a genius concept- capturing romance in a clever and aesthetically beautiful design.

  2. These celebs have style. I’m saving up for one and hoping to source it on your site to make a huge discount of the RRP.

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