How the Cartier Panther Evolved

The panther has been a part of Cartier’s legacy for quite sometime.
The following rings are even more collectible because not only do they depict
the panther, but they are all vintage. In fact, the panther never made its debut
until around 1948, when the Duke of Windsor commissioned a brooch to be
made featuring a three-dimensional panther and a rather large cabochon
emerald. Panther print was evident in Cartier pieces prior to that particular piece,
but it was mainly flecks of black and white on watches like leopard spots. Since
making its three dimensional debut, panthers have become Cartier’s favourite
motif. Throughout the years, the panther has evolved and been designed by
several artisans. Many of whom would spend hours upon hours at zoos, studying the ferociously elegant feline.

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