Independent Jewellery Valuations

IGL – International Gemological Laboratories.

Branded Jewellery UK Limited  has teamed up with IGL – International Gemological Laboratories to offer discounted prices to have your jewellery independently inspected and valued.
Branded Jewellery UK also offers a free IGL certificate with each solitaire/engagement and eternity ring that does not come with its original brand certificate.
If you wish to use this service for any additional personal items, please enquire for further information on our discounted rates.

‘The IGL Jewellery certificate is used to document jewellery pieces and identify the characteristics of the precious stones featured in each piece. Each IGL Jewellery certificate features a description of the jewellery piece followed by a statement of the characteristics and grading of the precious stones found in the piece. A statement listing the quantity of gemstones featured in the piece as well as a grading report of the gemstone’s weight, shape, color, clarity, cut, proportions and measurements are featured in the IGL Jewelry Certificate. In addition, the identification, weight and content of any precious metals found in the piece are described on the certificate. As a further way to identify the jewellery piece, the IGL Jewellery certificate features an enlarged colour photograph of the item. Upon request, the International Gemological Laboratory can easily convert an IGL Jewellery Certificate into an appraisal certificate.

The certificate is available anytime and anywhere!  Using an online verification, by simply entering the report number of the certificate the data is available online.

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