Pasquale Bruni

The House of Pasquale Bruni was established in 1997 in Valenza, Italy by the company’s namesake Pasquale Bruni. Bruni’s career in the world of fine jewelry began as a young boy when he worked in the goldsmith workshops of Valenza. His natural eye for detail, paired with his ability to quickly learn and excel at jewelry making techniques helped him to plant the seeds for what would one day become his jewelry empire viagra generico prezzo. In 1976, with a team of five assistants Bruni founded Gioielmoda, a small artisan firm that created jewelry. In 1997 it was decided that the company needed to and would do very well to expand and develop the brand even further. At this point Gioielmoda became known as Pasquale Bruni SpA.

Today, the brand remains family owned and operated and stays true to Pasquale’s vision of creating jewelry that reflects, “shape, poetry, mystery, and a love song that breathes life into [each design]. Each piece is a small work of art that reveals glimpses of history, conveys beauty, and encapsulates sentiment.” Our array of Pasquale Bruni jewelry features delicate designs that exude femininity and bold colors. If you desire to find a piece of jewelry unlike any other, look no further than our collection of Pasquale Bruni jewels.

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